My Story


I had a great start in life having a mom and dad who were entertainers in the 40's and 50's which I'm sure had some influence and set the precedence of what direction I chose to take as an artist. Mom and Dad were very loving, open minded, supportive and encouraging to all of our interests in the arts.


My mother saw my talent at an early age and encouraged me with art supplies and the like. My brother also showed an interest and talent in music and he also received whatever they could afford to support his growth .


I couldn't have achieved all this without their giving me the love and help I needed.


Click the family links below to learn more about my parents, as well as, my sister's and brother's and my journeys now.



Currently, I'm enjoying work in a variety of venues, from computer graphics, animation and editing for the film industry, to painting indoor/outdoor murals.


I'm with my partner in crime, Larry Vice, who also is an amazing artist and supportive partner in our art careers.


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